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‚ÄčEvery effort will be made to get you seen in our office the same day if you are having pain or swelling.  In this situation the treatment will be focused on getting you out of pain and managing any infections.  This often includes antibiotic therapy, endodontic therapy and tooth extractions.  Definitive treatment may need to be done at another appointment depending upon you individual situation and how much time is available in the schedule.  Remember, we are squeezing you in between other patients' appointments.  Therefore, there may be an extended wait to be seen.  We do our best to see every emergency case as soon as possible, however that is sometimes not a possibility.  

What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

Here are some recommendations.


 The vast majority of causes for dental emergencies can usually be found and treated at a much earlier stage, well before significant pain develops.  Regular cleanings and checkups help prevent emergent situations from developing in the first place.  Although there is no way to prevent every possible emergency, your chances of doing so with preventative treatment are excellent.  

Don't wait!:  

Many people make the mistake of pushing off getting an appointment for dental pain or swelling by days, weeks and sometimes even months.  Odds are if you have pain or swelling, it will not resolve with time alone.  Seek treatment as soon as possible once you believe there is a problem.  The earlier we see you in the process of an infection, the better job we can do treating it.  Expecting to be seen immediately when you've known there is a problem for a long time is unrealistic.

Call first thing in the morning:

The longer you wait to get an appointment, the odds of being seen the same day decrease.  By calling at the first of the day, it gives us the chance to shift our schedule to get you in for an exam.   

Avoid trying to get appointments near holidays or toward the end of the week:  

Although this is not alway possible, avoiding these days improves your chances of being seen.  We may not be working a full schedule if it is close to a holiday.  Remember, our office hours are a guideline for our usual operating hours and are often adjusted on the fly.  They are not a guarantee that a provider is in the office.  In Cheyenne, most dentists take Fridays off from patient care.  This makes it even more difficult for you to find treatment the longer you wait.  Our office is open on Fridays for the most part so that we can help with these emergencies.  We are also limited with our scheduling options the closer to a weekend or holiday.  

What if we are not available?:

As mentioned previously, we make every effort to see patients who are in pain or swollen from an infection the same day.  However, it is not possible for us to be available 24-7.  We all have families, hobbies, responsibilities, etc that are key to a good work/life balance.  Here are some options of where to seek care in the event we are unavailable.

  • Walk-in clinics such as Stitches, Urgent Care, Health Reach, etc are managed to be available during most off hours.  Although they wouldn't be able to fix a tooth, they can help in managing infections.
  • The Emergency Department at CRMC is managed to be available 24-7.  They have multiple doctors who rotate their schedules to accommodate the various times. 
  • Other dentists may be available to help if needs be.  The treatment rendered in this situation is often  palliative care to get you out of pain or manage the infection.  Definitive treatment is usually done by your regular dentist..  Finding dentists who have odd office hours is not common in Cheyenne.  Fort Collins, CO may have more options for aftercare.  

Special note with medications:

Inactive or new patients need to be examined before any medications are given, no exceptions.  Active patients of record may receive prescriptions at the discretion of Dr. Beverley prior to be seen, but will be required to have an examination to determine definitive treatment.  No medication refills will be approved outside of office hours.

Emergency Care