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Same Day Crowns:  Dr. Beverley has invested in the latest technology to fabricate custom crowns.  We use a laser sensor to scan your teeth and build your crown virtually on a computer.  This process allows us to view your tooth nearly 100x larger than normal which creates a much more accurate fit and better design.  The crown is then milled out and fired to give it a natural tooth-colored appearance and great strength.  This process saves you an extra appointment and eliminates the need for temporary crowns which can be annoying and painful.  Patients love this technology and are thrilled to have same day results.

Implants and CT Technology:  Dr. Beverley is now able to offer implant placement and restoration all done in house.  We have invested in technology that does highly accurate 3D scans of your jaw, which allows us to precisely plan your surgery; minimizing potential risks and complications.  This same machine is able to do panoramic x-rays and routine bitewing x-rays outside your mouth(which is a huge benefit for people with small mouths or bad gag reflexes who have had trouble with sensors placed inside the mouth.)  Implants are a fantastic option to replace missing teeth or teeth that have a poor long-term prognosis.  The best part about implants is that they don't compromise or rely on adjacent teeth to support the new tooth/teeth.  This helps improve the overall prognosis for your entire mouth.  There are many uses of implants including:

  • Replacement of single missing teeth
  • Replacement of multiple teeth, similar to a conventional bridge. 
  • Anchors to hold dentures in place.  These dentures snap onto the implants similar to a ball and socket joint.  This improves functionality dramatically, especially for complete lower dentures.
  • Anchors to replace an entire arch.  For this a full-arch bridge is made that will screw into the implants.  This option eliminates the need to wear something removable and is the most natural replacement option we have.    

Laser Surgery:  We have invested in a small handheld laser that safely removes soft tissue growths and removes unhealthy gum tissue.  Lasers are great at minimizing trauma during surgery and help with reducing bleeding and post-operative pain.

Root Canal Treatment: when the nerve of the tooth gets infected either because of a cavity or a fractured tooth, it is necessary to remove the nerve tissue from the tooth.  This is a great option when the remaining tooth is strong enough to support a crown or filling to restore function and esthetics.  Dr. Beverley does most root canals in the office.  However, for more complex situations a referral to a specialist may be necessary.  If so, we have excellent local Endodontists who specialize in root canal treatment to take care of your needs.

This is the ilase by Biolase and is the laser Dr. Beverley uses

As a Family/General Dentistry practice, we offer a wide range of procedures.  We try to keep most procedures in house to avoid the inconvenience of going to multiple offices to be treated.  With that being said, there are times when a referral to a Specialist is necessary and we have a group of highly talented local doctors we work with when needed.  In addition to general dentistry such as fillings, cleanings, and routine treatment, our practice offers some exciting advanced treatment options: